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Steam related information and issues

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Issue: user unable to control Big Picture using a DS4 controller. Steam doesn't recognize DS4 controllers

Steam ignores every real or virtual DS4 controller if it detects DS4Windows is running. To work around this, it is necessary to run DS4Windows under a custom ".exe" name.

General info regarding Steam's (Controller type) Configuration Support options

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"Do I need these options enabled for Steam games to recognize my controller?"

The simple answer

No, you can disable those options and games should have no trouble recognizing your controller. Keep in mind that not all games have native support for DS4 controllers, and of those that do have most of the time don't support its force-feedback (rumble) functions or lightbar.

The long answer

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  • Some games natively support DualShock 4 controllers with Playstation button icon but require Steam's Playstation Config(...) to have working force-feedback (rumble)
  • Some games fully rely on Steam's Playstation Config(...) to detect DS4 controllers and display Playstation button icons / have working rumble / lightbar control