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Installation and Setup

Know your system architecture

Most users have a x64 (64 bits) system and this guide was built around this fact. If you are using a x86 (32 bits) system then use the x86 equivalents of drivers, packages etc


  • Windows 10 or 11. Windows versions from 8.1 and below are NOT supported anymore and support will not be given to users running older builds
  • One or more supported controllers (check the list)
  • (Optional) Bluetooth dongle for connecting wirelessly
  • Download and install the x64 .NET 6.0 Runtime FOR DESKTOP APPS dotnet6runtimeF.png

Downloading and starting DS4Windows

  • Download the latest ------> x64, .zip <------ DS4Windows package
    • The .7zip package is smaller but requires the 7zip software in order to open/extract it
  • Extract the package in a easily accessible folder (e.g.: Desktop, Documents, Download etc)
    • DO NOT extract it inside a folder the requires elevated privilegies (e.g.: Program Files, Windows)
  • Execute the DS4Windows.exe file to run DS4Windows
  • On first launch DS4Windows may ask you where to save its user data (settings and profiles):
    • AppData folder (recommended): user data is stored outside of the program folder, inside a special folder reserved to your Windows user
    • Program folder: user data is stored inside the same folder DS4Windows.exe is located

Enabling DualSense controller support

  • Open the Settings tab and click on the Device Options tab
  • Now enable the DualSense Controller Support checkbox


Drivers setup

When running DS4Windows for the first time it may prompt you to install some drivers, with the first one being essential. Install them accordingly to your needs then hit the Finished button after.

Driver Recommended? Driver function
ViGEmBUS REQUIRED Allows DS4Windows to create virtual Xbox/DS4 controllers
HidHide Strongly recommended Used to "hide" your real controller in order to prevent games from simultaneously recognizing both your real controller and the virtual controller created by DS4Windows, a situation that can lead to the infamous double controller input issue
FakerInput Optional Useful for users who want to use their controllers as keyboard and mouse. Though DS4Windows can do so by itself, the FakerInput has better performance and can work in more games and situations where Windows might prevent the usage ofDS4Windows' normal keyboard/mouse handler

Final steps

  • If your controller is not connected yet, do so now
    • Check here if you are having trouble connecting them via bluetooth
  • If everything is ok then your controller will appear on the main controllers tab with the Default profile selected
    • Make sure DS4Windows is not stopped
    • Check here if DS4Windows has not detected your controller



Assuming your controller has been detected then Xbox Controller emulation should already be working! Before playing, it's recommended to read the information below in order to prevent issues and to gain general knowledge on DS4Windows functions:

About the "X" check on the Ex column

Important things to know

Check the Important remarks section on the main "guides" page for some nice info on how DS4Windows works and general directions.

Having problems? Look here!

The troubleshooting section of this site has guides and general directions on how to solve most the commons issues users may face when using DS4Windows.