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Uninstalling DS4Windows and related drivers


Want a back up?

If the plan is to reinstall DS4Windows later you might want to do a backup of your user data first

Main program

DS4Windows is a portable application, meaning it is not actually "installed". To get rid of DS4Windows just delete its folder. Simple as that.

Settings and user data

  • Press Win+R, type %appdata% and then select OK. This should open windows appdata/Roaming/ folder
  • Verify if the DS4Windows folder exists there and delete it if found


These are companion drivers that are currently used by DS4Windows. If you are looking for more info on what they are and their purpose, check the about companion drivers page.

ViGEmBus (click to expand)


Keep in mind that the Nefarius' ViGEmBus is used by a good number of other applications, with the most known one being Parsec. If you have other programs that make use of the ViGEmBUS, then uninstalling it may break their functionality, though the program might just prompt you to install it again

  • Open Windows' Apps & Features (search for it on the start menu)
  • Search for/locate "HidHide"
  • Uninstall it and then reboot your PC HidHideUninstall.png
  • Open Windows' Apps & Features (search for it on the start menu)
  • Search for/locate "FakerInput" and uninstall it FakerInputUninstall.png

Legacy drivers

These are drivers that are not used anymore but users might still have installed if they've been using DS4Windows for a long time.

Of the drivers below, it's highly recommended that HidGuardian is uninstalled if present.

HidGuardian (click to expand)

HidGuardian's installer utility can check if it's installed and SAFELLY uninstall it in case it is, so that's what we are going to use:

  • Download and extract this archive
  • Inside the extracted folder, run HidGuardianInstaller.exe
  • Check in the text log if HidGuardian is installed. If it is not, you can close the utility and move on with your life


  • If HidGuardian is installed, click on the "Uninstall" button
  • Wait until the utility finishes uninstalling HidGuardian, keep and eye on the text log to know what its status
  • After the tool finishes uninstalling HidGuardian, close the tool AND THEN REBOOT YOUR PC
Uninstalling ScpVBus

To Do: include pictures

  • Locate the Virtual Gamepad Emulation Bus on device manager (do not confuse it with the Nefarius' Virtual Gamepad Emulation Bus)
  • Uninstall it while also ticking the Delete the driver for this device checkbox
  • Check with Driver Store Explorer if it's still present on the system and remove it if true